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From production to export, any information you need is under your hand by MILLER’S HANDBOOK. Your orders are sent to any place in the world without any Cargo payment.


The Miller’s Handbook Is Published !

Parantez Group that has put its signature under an important success in the international arena with the İDMA Fair and the Milling Magazine are continuing its services in this field with a new publication series that will become the reference book for the millers.

As it is known, although milling has a very old historical background, there is no complete nowledge source that tells its evolution form the past up until today and the technological developments. However, in today’s world knowledge and possessing knowledge is very important in every field and also in the business world. Parantez Group that moves with this awareness is aiming at having the milers reach all knowledge they need in their working lives, from production to export, with a publication series it will prepare.  

The new publication series that will contribute to the milling sector companies’ transfer to more qualified and more productive manufacturing will also give significant information to the companies about the subjects of the world market and export. 

The publication series will be in a special package and bilingual in Turkish and English. In its first part of 2  volumes the adventure of wheat that starts in the field, all phases of it from processing until it reaches the final product and also a world milling sector research on continental basis.


Wheat & Flour


Continent Research: ASIA