Frequently Asked Questions


What should i know about the shopping?
You can shop with credit card ( visa,mastercard) or bank transfer…If the product is out of stock cost will be paid back. If a product couldnt be sent for a reason,product cost will be extracted from total amount. If the cost is paid by bank transfer and the books couldnt be find,payment will directly be returned by bank tarnsfer.
Is my credit card details in safe? –directly guides your credit card details with SSL 128 system build by Garanti Bank.Credit card details are not being kept .When you enter your your credit card details in fact you are entering the details to Garanti Bank not to .These details are not handed by Parantez Publishment and is not a risk.
In which adress will the invoices sent to?
If you want to deliver the product to another adress then delivering adress,please enter your right adress details.
How can i order?
1.First,you have to be a member of  Click to “buy now” button to continue.
2. will guide you to a page that asks for how many book you would like to buy and calcultes the amount for you.
3.You can recheck and change your adress and invoice informations in confirmation process.
4.You can end the shopping by confirming bank transfer or credit card.Your orders will not be sent until we receive these informations.
How can be orders followed?
You can intterogate your orders by barcode number given by us
Ödeme Nasıl Yapılıyor ?
How is payment done? There are 3 ways to  do the payments.Credit card,Bank transfer or by PAYPAL account. 1.Credit Card: Credit card details are directly guided to Garanti Bank and total amount is transferred to account.If the order is not finished ( cancelled or out of stock etc. ) cost will be immediately returned to your bank account. 2.Bank Transfer:Transfer should be done to the account of bank you picked.Most of users are prefering bank transfer for not trusting credit card option.In the transfer explanation part , registered name,surname,order number is not filled properly the order cancels itself or is being late.Please be sure that you have filled the details correct.If you are late to send the bank transfer payment ( changes 5 to 10 days and you will be informed during your order) the later your receipt will deliver. 3.Pay Pal : PayPal,is an alternative payment system that anyone who has a valid e-mail can use.This payment system is mainly used by trading web sites and is also supported as alternative payment systen by well known web sites.

When will I receive the order?
Your books are sent with special Cargo companies. Anyplace that Cargo firm cant reach,we will send with official post is sending  products with PTT Kargo company. can change the cargo firm if there is any need to send the product faster.3. mentioned in article 2,changes done for customer satisfaction is for free.4.Average delivery time: 1-8 days with Cargo firms.You can e-mail to for any late order.
What is your secrecy principles?  has done all the security precautions for blocking unauthorized people to reach member details. grants below listings to all members:All the details given are only used between the members and . name,surname,e-mail informations are not given to 3rd person.These details are only used for your benefits.The details that are filled by you,can only be reached and changed by you not by anyone else.You can erase your membership at anytime.Erased membership details are not kept.
During the order process,movements are done in the SSL 128 bit security area.Never write your credit card details in the mails about the never requires your credit card numbers by e-mails.There is no possibility to see your details by 3rd never cant grant the security of informations in e-mail correspondent under any circumstances.
Can I return my product? acts under the consumer protection law in product return process.
Please remind us about your order number in returning product process.At least one of below listed conditions has to be occur for product return.
1.corrupted product. 2.damaged packaged product while transporting.

1.problems occured under the responsibility of transporting firm:Damaged products should not be delivered and transporter company should be reported.If the transporting firm thinks that the product is not damaged,you have the right to open the package and also report it again.After delivering the product, transporting firm has done his duty succesfully.If any report is hereby please let know about the situation with a copy of your report. will immediately grant a new product and make it deliver for you.

2.Problems with products:problems couldnt be seen in deliveries are included.For the acceptence about this:
a)your invoice and products should be send back.
b)Product returning process should be done within 2 days after delivery.
c)Products that are send back should be send with the same Cargo company.
d)cash on delivery sendings are not accepted by, will think about the return option and will change the product if it is included with the issues mentioned above.In these cases all the costs are covered by .if the situation process doesnt fit with the above mentions,cost during the product return belongs to customer.