Wheat & Flour


4.1. Indusrilization of Flour Milling
4.2. Basic Factors

4.2.1. Roller mills and the wheat
4.2.2. Grinding Pathway
4.2.3. Heating of rolls
4.2.4. How the granulation is measured?
4.2.5. Roller mill Bench The physica demensions of the rolls The structure of roller mill rolls Sand blasting (Frosting) The parameters effecting grinding in roller mills
4.2.6. The capaticty of the roller mill
4.2.7. Division of roller mills in pasages
4.2.8. The legth of the roller mill passages

4.3. Selective Grinding and Strain Analysis
4.4. Humudity and Its Importance
4.5. Teeth in Roller mill

4.5.1. Number of Teeth
4.5.2. Grinding path and the number of teeth passed
4.5.3. Teeth angles (teeth profiles)
4.5.4. Pace (drall-spiral)
4.5.5. Rotation Ratio (Voreilung- differential)