Wheat & Flour

As it is known, although milling has a very old historical background, there is no complete knowledge source that tells its evolution form the past up until today and the technological developments. However, in today’s world knowledge and possessing knowledge is very important in every field and also in the business world. Parantez Group that moves with this awareness is aiming at having the milers reach all knowledge they need in their working lives, from production to export, with a publication series it will prepare.


Continent Research: ASIA

This book is a research and information sharing book about major Asian countries prepared by Parantez Group.

This study is aiming to give ideas and informations to milling sector representatives about cereals production and consumption rates, milling sectors, import and export markets and conditions.

Parantez Group has also opened his own portfolio to milling sector and shared some of the mill contact details.


Miller Magazine

To cover the information needings of milling sector, Parantez Group has begun its publication life and showed the first issue of Miller Magazine to sector in 2006 IDMA Fair.

Miller Magazine, which is published once in 2 months in Turkish and English, today is the main information source and communication device can also be followed from all over the world in digital format.