Wheat & Flour


5.1. Quality in Flour
5.2. Product Types with Flour Raw Material

5.2.1. Bread and type breads
5.2.2. Baked products
5.2.3. Biscuit industry

5.3. Properties Required to Be in Flour Spectrum
5.3.1. Flour yield
5.3.2. Flour color
5.3.3. Flour particle sizes
5.3.4. Flour moisture
5.3.5. Protein in flour
5.3.6. Ash in flour (metallic substances)
5.3.7. Ground starch
5.3.8. Flour acidity
5.3.9. Crude fiber in the flour
5.3.10. Wet extract of the flour
5.3.11. Dried extract in the flour
5.3.12. Gluten index degree of the flour
5.3.13 slump factor (sedimentation) degree in the flour
5.3.14. Falling-number in flours
5.3.15. Water imbibition value of flour
5.3.16. Rheological properties of flours

5.4. Quality Control Methods in Flour
5.4.1. Physical quality methods Determination of flour yield Color specification in flours Determination of the size of flour particles
5.4.2. Chemical quality methods Specification of water quantity Protein quantity specification Ash content specification Damaged amylum quantity determination Free acidity quantity determination Determination of Crude Fiber Quantity
5.4.3. Technological quality methods Wet gluten quantity Dry gluten quantity Gluten index method Falling-number method
5.4.4. Rheological methods Flour testing device (Farinograph) Mixograph Flour testing device (Extensograph) Alveograph Amylograph test Maturograph test

5.5. Quality Measuring Devices for Flour
5.5.1. Determining physical quality criteria Flour yield Determination of color in flours Determination of particle size in flours
5.5.2. Determining chemical quality criteria Determination of the amount of moisture Determination of the amount of protein Determination of the amount of ash Determination of the amount of free acidity Determination of the amount of raw fiber
5.5.3. Determining technological quality criteria Determination of the amount of wet core (wet gluten), dry gluten Gluten index value Sedimentation method Falling-number method
5.5.4. Determination of rheological properties Flour testing device (Farinograph) Mixograph device Flour testing device (Extensograph) Alveograph device

5.6. The Structure of Model Laboratory of Flour Factory